Midori Traveler's Notebook -Passport Size Set Up

Midori Traveler's Notebook -Passport Size Set Up

 I recently got a midori traveler’s notebook (TN) from Tokyu Hands when I went on a vacation in Nagoya, Japan last month. 

At first, I wanted to sell it because aside from the fact that I  have a looooooot of notebooks for 2017 already, I can always make one of this size since I have a TN shop. When I tried to open it, I easily fell in love with the brown texture. I have a regular TN in Camel and it has a totally different feel with this brown one! So yeah. I decided to use it. UGH* This TN serves as my 2017 Goals planner.

[Let’s start!]


These are just few things I use when I update my journals and planners.

Clear box organizer: this is where I store my favorite stamp, stamp pad, acrylic block, sticky notes and sticker flakes.

Muji frixion pen (upper left): got this from Muji in Nagoya also. I have these in 0.5 & 0.4

Card stocks: these are just freebies from my online purchase. I plan to cut them out & put it on my journal :)

Passport Notebook from Changmai, Thailand  (literally copied the look of a passport) A friend gave me this! I really loved it! I actually brought this during my trip in Nagoya and it served as my itinerary guide, dump notebook & expenses log in one!

Hobonichi Weekly Booklet 2017 (green): this is where I jot down my schedule all through out the day. I usually stick it on the elastic closure of my TN. I just hope it’s smaller so I can also stuck it in my TN and could serve as an additional insert. 

Post it: Got this sticky notes from Loft, Sakae Nagoya. I love that it’s slim. It can easily fit on my weekly spreads.

Pilot frixion stamp: That little orange thingy is a bird icon, you can erase it whenever you stamped it on the wrong spread/ space. This one’s from Tokyu Hands Nagoya.

To do List Wood stamp: this is from @craftavenueph. The size is perfect for any size of planner. You can check them out here-https://www.instagram.com/craftavenueph/


[So there you go! When you open my TN, this is the first thing you’ll see…]

First Insert: 004 Insert from Traveler’s Company

My washi samples! I actually just made them yesterday since I already got my washi rack, I don’t want to remove/ ruin my arrangements from time to time whenever I want to use them (yes the OC me!) so I decided to make time for my washi samples. I have a lot! Others are in my Regular Camel TN. 

In this way also, I’ll be forced to use all designs of my collection and not just my favorites. haha (Yeah we all have our favorites right? even on washi tapes)


By the way, I got this zip lock/ card insert from Tokyu Hands, Nagoya. I just got one so when an online friend posted that we can make pasa-buys on her japan trip, I asked her to buy another one for me. 

Inside the flap: 2016 Japan Railway System- freebie from Hobonichi Weeks last year & a Panda semi-transparent sticky notes from Daiso, Nagoya (so cute right?)


Second Insert: Kraft Folder Insert from notedjournalph.com (100php only!)

I made this kraft folder, it’s available on our online journal shop without the washi designs of course, that’s my personal touch already. I don’t have anything to put yet as I’m still waiting for my mambi stickers to arrive.


Third Insert: another 004 Insert from Traveler’s Company

I sticked a self-adhesive filing pocket from National Bookstore (top team brand) so I can have an additional card slot for my shop’s calling card.
Oh and can you see the boarding pass- themed post it? (Goodness! I actually regret not getting a lot of this. I don’t want to use it, actually) I also got it from Tokyu Hands, Nagoya. 




Fourth Insert: Weekly Free Printable from http://www.mylifeallinoneplace.com/p/midori-tn-inserts.html

This is where I put my goals everyday all through out the week. All my “should do this” instead of “to do”

For this spread I used clear stamp, washi tapes, brush & felt tip pens.


Lastly, there goes my clip pen holder. I got the metal clip from a cheap fauxdori in SM department store and attached faux leather scrap for the pen loop. That’s my favorite uni pin 0.4 :)

That’s it! I hope you liked my set up. Hit me a message if you have questions :)

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