A6 Planner Walk Through

A6 Planner Walk Through

I’m not really an A6 (or Personal Planner) person. I prefer A5 (or Large Planner) because I write a lot and I really have a thing on ‘spaces’ in all aspect. 


So why do I have this A6 Abook planner? 

Here’s a little history.

I miss my zipped planner/wallet: Filofax Pennybridge that I destashed last year and when I saw a zip Recollections planner on sale from the local planner group, I got tempted to try it. But the thing is, it’s not really my color (Pink) and the design is too girly for me, but the paper is really thick! It’s my kind of paper. So i still gave it a chance and use it as my Online Content Planner, since this year, I really want to be active online for planner related stuff. 

The OC in me hits, and I don’t want my zip planner to get dirty at the same time I want to use it everyday and not just plan on it every start of the week. I finally decided to sell the zip binder and leave the inserts with me. Of course I want to maintain this Online Content planner so I looked for a cheap binder. 

I came across this Abook brand from Aurora’s Box . At first I wanted to get the black on but it’s out of stock. I told my ‘hoarder-self’ that purple is still a good color and not prone to dirt so I ordered this.


When I get to see the binder in person, I fell in love with it easily. It’s so compact, and it can lay flat, just perfect when you are writing. The Recollections inserts are quite longer than the regular A6 insert size but still fit the holes of regular A6 binder. 

So for this compact binder, it looks like it has an overhang but actually the inserts are just really of the same height with it (because normally, there’s still space on the top & bottom of an A6 binder when you attached the inserts. This binder is quite smaller than the regular A6 size so it gives you a fake overhang feeling with you lay it flat and take a photo of it). 

I don’t mind it at all. 

Actually, this is the first time that I had a satisfying feeling on an A6 Planner. I’ve had Kikki.k Ocean before and Malden Ochre, all in A6 size and they did not last long with me. 

Okay that was a long history. 

Let’s get started:

So this is how I set up my A6 Planner. It has 3 pockets and a flap when you open it. I put my favorite stickers there: Keena Prints and Little Miss Helper stickers (click for links of their shops) and some random transparent stickers I got as a freebie before. 

I also have a zip lock insert to store more stickers & random card stocks. I don’t know, I just feel like putting stuff there.


2nd insert is a calendar divider made of pvc. It came with the Abook package but since it’s a 2016 calendar, I decided to repurpose it and stick my favorite breakfast themed sticky notes there. Got these sticky notes from Daiso in Nagoya Japan. 


3rd insert is another sticker sheet from my old Kikki.k Contrast planner. I don’t really use them, I just want it there because I feel more secured. LOL


So this is the look of my weekly spread. Inserts are undated so I had to put the dates manually. I use Kelly Purky clear stamps for the ‘To-do List’ check box. I also use the ‘Today’ divider that came with the Abook package even though it’s quite small to serve as ‘divider.’ It’s looks pretty to me so, it’s fine.

I use stickers, and washi tapes to design my spreads although for this planner, it’s mainly a ‘To-do List’ on everything that I need to accomplish online. So I can only do lettering & simple layout from time to time. This insert has pre designs, actually: those floral and aztec prints that you see. 


Skipping the whole year of inserts because they all look the same (Sorry no photo of the monthly dividers & the monthly spread since I don’t usually use it).

At the back I have a top loading transparent insert ( It also came with the Abook package) where I store my stickers.... again) 


That round stickers you see on the left are my favorite because the texture is like a washi tape. I got it from Seria in Nagoya and I hate my self from not getting a lot of it. UGH. 

And there you go, up to the last 2 slots at the back, I put stickers and sticky notes.Yes they are my favorite planner accessories (plus washi tapes- they are in my other planners).

There’s an elastic pen slot. I use felt tip pen in writing since I told you, the paper is very thick! There’s no ghosting or bleeding at all!!!. That’s a Sakura Micron 0.4 I got from Hey Kessy shop in UP Town Center.


Here’s the back photo :)


This is how thick my planner is :) 


And this is where I store my planners: on my desktop organizer <3

I hope you had fun reading my novel that was supposed to be my A6 Planner walk through. LOL

Until next time!

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